A brief summary of my github account:


A template for storing bookmarks in a git-managed file, complete with embedded javascript for navigation/tagging/etc.

The blogspam service allows blog/forum owners to test comment-submissions for SPAM in real-time. v2 of the service is implemented as a node.js service, with a proxy for the legacy/v1 API:


A collection of "dotfiles", for a standard GNU/Linux environment.


A simple "dashboard" implemented as a node.js service which accepts messages and appends to a Redis store.

This was developed for the new Debian Administration website, and documented in a simple article there - Building a simple dashboard with redis and the node.js server.


A simple running total of salary and recurring expenses.


A simple forum, inspired by both Reddit & Hacker News. Written using Perl and using redis for storage.


A simple bridge between HTTP and XMPP (jabber).


A modern console-based email-client with integrated Lua extensions.


A node.js project which presents a HTTP & JSON view to some data, which is updated/modified via UDP multicast.


Slaughter is my CFEngine-inspired server administration utility, written in perl.

Slaughter allows policies to be downloaded from a central server via a variety of different transports (rsync, http, git clone, etc) and executed upon a local system.

It is a lightweight alternative to CFEngine, Puppet, etc with documentation available elsewhere.


The source of the book - The definitive slaughter guide.


This repository contains some of my actual live slaughter policies. It is published to provide examples - although the fine slaughter documentation should be sufficient in its own right.


A collection of tools which might be useful to sysadmins.


A static-site generator, written in Perl.

Templer allows you to easily build sites using textile, markdown, or raw HTML. The code is modular and extensible via plugins. I use it to generate many of my personal websites.